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Claudia's Child Care Center, Inc.

305 S. Pearson Road, Pearl, MS 39208


The curriculum we have chosen for our children is “Confessions of a Homeschooler” for our Three’s and Four’s and “Step One: Preparatory Curriculum” for the Infant’s through the Two Year Old Class.  “Children are a Gift from God” has always been our motto and we believe it is very important to develop the whole child.  We feel a need to focus more on religious training and focus strongly on character, work habits, and life skills.  Working and learning together builds strong bonds among family members and promotes confidence in young children.


The Pearl Public School District has a Parent Teacher Community Resource Center (PTCRC) which we utilize to help our 4 year old children prepare for Kindergarten.  The PTCRC is an asset to our center as well as the community as it provides us with additional curriculum materials and assessment tests to ensure that our children in the Pre-K program are "Kindergarten ready."