(601) 939-9049

Claudia's Child Care Center, Inc.

305 S. Pearson Road, Pearl, MS 39208

Enrollment Information

1.      Call Claudia’s Child Care Center at (601) 939-9049 to see if there is availability in our center for your family’s child care needs.  

2.    Visit Claudia’s Child Care Center’s facility in Pearl, MS, and we will give you a complete tour of our facility. You will be able to meet the center director and staff who will explain the procedures and daily activities of your child’s potential class.  Click the “Location” tab at the top of the page for a map and directions to our center.

3.    Once you have decided that Claudia’s Child Care Center is the right center for your family, please meet with our office staff to fill out an Application for Enrollment.  Please notify the office staff of any allergies and/or medical conditions your child has so that all caregivers that interact with your child will be aware of his/her situation.

4.    Please provide Claudia’s office staff an up-to-date Mississippi Form 121 (immunization record) BEFORE your child’s first day.  This is REQUIRED by the Mississippi State Department of Health.

5.    If your child will be in our Infant or Creeper room, please make sure to fill out a “feeding schedule” for your child.

6.    Day before First Day Visit: We welcome all families to bring their child for a short visit prior to their child’s first day.  It is always good for your child to know where they will be going and who they will be with as it will make their first day much smoother.  For parents of infants, this is a good time for you to bring supplies, diapers, etc. and fill out a feeding schedule. 

7.    FIRST DAY: WELCOME TO CLAUDIA’S CHILD CARE CENTER, INC.! We understand that a child’s first day can be hard for both the parent and the child.  Feel free to call and check on your child as much as you want.   We are here to serve you and your family!

 What supplies/materials will my child need?

- Children who are not in the infant or creeper room will need one vinyl covered sleeping mat.  These can be purchased at Walmart, Fred’s, School-Aids, etc.

- A blanket with your child’s name on it.  We send blankets home every Friday so that they can be washed. 

- Claudia’s Child Care Center, Inc. has a Kindergarten fee which is applicable to children ages 2-4.  This pays for your ALL of your child’s High Reach Curriculum materials, supplies, etc.